Alecto BC-125GS Baby Projector


Alecto BC-125GS Baby Projector


• Soothing Music & Light Voice activated
• Adjustable Play-time
• 3 Warm Colours
• Simple Operation
• Volume Adjustable
• Battery Powered (3x AA excluded)


Fall asleep with the BC-125 GS sleep soother, baby night light projector

Like all little ones, your child is fascinated by image and sound with soft music and beautiful images. You can offer your baby comfort and tranquillity. The BC-125GS is a stylish sleep soother and projector that lets you project beautiful and colourful images onto the ceiling of your baby’s room, while quiet lullabies sound in the background. Falling asleep becomes a regular habit

The advantages of the BC-125GS Sleep soother:
• Powered by batteries, so you can place the sleep soother somewhere convenient
• Volume control, so you can set the volume of the lullabies to your child’s needs

The sleep soother responds to sound

Once you have turned on the sleep soother it will start projecting images and playing music. Does your baby sleep easily and quickly? Then choose for a soother playtime of five minutes. If necessary, you can also opt for ten or fifteen minutes. When the soother stops playing, most little ones are already sleeping soundly. If your baby awakes after this, the BC-125GS will sense this, and start playing again automatically.

A Sleep soother, baby night light projector from the market leader

Alecto is award winning when it comes to baby monitors, with over 45 years of expertise in baby products. We have used our vast professional knowledge in developing baby monitors with the development of this soother. The BC-125GS features the playing of lullabies, responding to sound automatically, which feature in our award-winning baby monitors.

The BC-125GS Sleep soother has been developed and tested in our own Research & Development facilities in the Netherlands. With Alecto, you choose a well-considered and user-friendly product of high quality.

What’s in the box?
• Sleep soother, baby night light projector
• Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT

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